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Mixing & Mastering

SS Audio Solutions offer professional music production, mixing & mastering services at our recording studio in Ashford, Kent. If you and/or your band have a song which needs a bit of TLC to reach it’s full sonic glory, send us your parts/stems. We’ll give your song the treatment it needs to flourish into a professional, finished article. We aim to please and offer our satisfaction guarantee. . . . if you’re not happy with the result – don’t pay! It’s that simple!

We work with almost any genre of music and have helped numerous artists prepare their music for commercial release and chart success! Whether you have a recording contract already or you just need your demo to sound as good as it can possibly be for promotional purposes, give our mixing & mastering service a try. What have you got to lose?

SS Audio Solutions were amazing. Really efficient, quick and perceptive. Also, most importantly they made me feel very comfortable. Which I think as an artist is vital to giving a good performance and making good music. I would thoroughly recommend themEllie Dorman

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Bespoke Music

Music is the soundtrack to life, so whatever your project may be, a well tailored selection of music can give the extra dynamic to give the ultimate impact. Whether you are creating a film, documentary, corporate video, radio advert or video for use on the web or even for an art installation, we can create music from scratch to fit your brief. Get in touch and tell us about your exciting new project and we can tell you what we can offer. If we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll be honest enough to tell you!

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Royalty Free Music

Your project may not require the bespoke edge and you may just need a quick piece of music to use in the background. Copyright and Royalties can seem quite complicated and it may not be clear what you should pay and for what purpose. Get in touch and tell us what you need and we can advise you on the relevant license required for your use of music. We have a wide selection of music across various different genres. Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you what we can offer.



We can record voice-overs and/or narration, be it for video or radio or for use on the web. Access to several voice over artists and on site recording facilities means we can offer a quick turn around for a host of different styles to suit your needs. We’ve completed projects for TV adverts, radio adverts, training videos, exercise videos and promotional media. In fact, when it comes to recording voice, there’s not much we can’t do! Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you what we can do for you.


Recording & Production

Without a recording, it is difficult to get yourself heard. Whether you are a band needing to record a covers CD to promote yourself for gigs or you are a solo singer/songwriter or band/DJ with a record deal, share with us your ambitions and we’ll tell you how our recording & production services can help.

VOCAL RECORDING from £50 per track

MIXING & MASTERING £100 per track, satisfaction guaranteed!

FULL TRACK RECORDING & PRODUCTION from £500                             Listen

Mixing & Mastering

You may have some recording & production facilities and have mastered the basics when it comes to getting your material arranged, but are struggling to give your music that professional, polished sound. Whether you need the ‘finishing touch’ or your track needs full mixing & mastering, we can offer you a wide range of experience and expertise across various different genres, to help your project become the finished article.

MASTERING from £20 per track

MIXING & MASTERING £100 per track, satisfaction guaranteed!           Listen

Exercise & Fitness Music

If you need music to get sweaty to, we have a large selection of tracks to buy as a download package or on a CD. Our music has been used for TV workouts, workout DVD’s and is used by fitness instructors across the UK and internationally. There is plenty to choose from or even if you need music tailored to a specific choreographed routine, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you what we can offer.

LICENSING from £20 per track

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