Sophia Syndicate – “Late At Night”

Sophia Syndicate’s latest single, written and recorded at the SS Audio Solutions studio, has hit the top 10 in the Music Week charts. Check out Recent Projects to watch the video!

Powerhoop on Fitness TV

The Powerhoop workout goes live on Fitness TV! With music for the workout and music/voice over for the corresponding commercial provided by SS Audio Solutions, we’re excited to feature on Sky TV channel 282. The workout is scheduled to air for a 4 week period. Powerhoops are available from

New website completion

SS Audio Solutions have been looking forward to their website being completed and are delighted with the work web designer Al Johnson has done for them and would recommend him to anyone. It has been a pleasure working with Al (Designertastic) and we may have to bother him  with something here and there so that… Read more »