About Us

SS Audio Solutions was founded by Tim Smith and Sophia Stutchbury. Their unique musical compatibility and range of skills is the secret to their sound. Tim has the recording and production capabilities while Sophia’s vocal prowess and melodic composition provide the perfect compliment. Each writes and composes music and lyrics and they have completed various projects individually and collectively.

In addition to Tim & Sophia’s individual skills, SS Audio Solutions has a rich network of talented musicians and session players to call upon as and when the need arises. Working with a selection of artists allows us to offer a broader spectrum of services to meet even the most specific of audio requirements. Whether you need a piece of music with specific orchestration or if you need a voice-over with a specific regional or international accent, we can probably help!


Tim Smith

(BA Hons) Writer and Producer


Tim has extensive experience in music recording & production and as a club DJ. His commercial releases on various dance record labels have enjoyed airplay from radio and popularity in the club scene. Since completing a degree in Creative Music Technology and Innovation (BA Hons), he has collaborated with various artists on projects across many genres including drum & bass, dubstep, hip hop, pop, indie, house and garage. Tim has also worked on a variety of corporate and commercial projects including TV, radio advertisements and exercise workout videos.

Sophia Stutchbury

Singer & Songwriter


Sophia is a singer and song writer and has played piano from an early age. She has a wealth of experience both as a recording artist and a live performer. She has a unique voice and can create lyrics and melodies for almost any given genre or situation. Her own albums are largely funk and soul based but she has also collaborated with various artists and producers from the dance scene including genres such as house, dance, garage, drum & bass and dubstep. Sophia has featured on music for TV and radio as well as providing voice overs and narration.